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    Adds Value and Joy to Your Living Places.

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Since 2000, with years of experience and 20 years of success story, Gökdemir Group has succeeded to be the leading company in the construction industry and continues to provide added value and create new expansions by being among the respected brands of the industry with its product variety, design differences, quality understanding and after-sales service.

Reflecting the needs and expectations of the industry to its products and services at every point with its consumer-oriented approach, Gökdemir Group continuously improves all production and service processes by foreseeing new notions and trends in home decoration. Combining its innovative line and modern production and marketing understanding with its experience in the industry, Gökdemir Group also aims to continuously raise the standards in the construction industry.

Gökdemir Group, which makes a difference with its applications that add value and joy to the living spaces of consumers, continues to accelerate the industry with its 1200-square-meter Showrom Outlets and 7500-square-meter Furniture and Pvc Factories, which also offer all kinds of home decoration needs under the same roof. Determining the direction of home decoration, Gökdemir Group also creates privilege with its attractive campaigns, discounts in different product groups and offers convenience to the consumer in every sense.

Gökdemir Group, which has adopted unconditional customer satisfaction as its principle, makes continuous improvements in its showrooms and manufacturing departments in accordance with its developing customer service philosophy and chooses excellent service as its target.

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Adds Value and Joy to Your Living Places.
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