Management Message

As Gökdemir Group, we take pride in investing in Turkey for 23 years.

As a company that accelerates our investments and brings innovative living concepts to life, we have boundless confidence in the strength and development of Turkey.

We continue to produce with all our strength to create high-energy living spaces with projects that will make an impact worldwide and contribute to societal and economic values.

How about getting acquainted with our projects that we take pride in, each one adhering to international standards, How about getting to know our projects, each of which we have meticulously crafted down to the smallest details and take pride in?


Everything that's on the agenda is right here. Stay updated on the latest developments about Gökdemir Group and current news from our projects.

We believe that living spaces should add joy to every moment of life. Prioritizing both humanity and nature, we create our projects with end-to-end high-quality brands and materials.

Ahiport Life

In Ankara, a 13,500 square meter area hosts a project consisting of 58 units of 4+1 residences. The project commenced in September 2017 and was successfully completed by December 2018

Gökova Plaza

In Ankara, a private school campus covering 3,000 square meters was developed. The project started in January 2017 and was completed by September 2017.


In Ankara, a project featuring 28 units of 4+1 apartments and 4 commercial spaces on an 8,000 square meter area was initiated in January 2020 and successfully concluded by December 2020

Bulvar Yaşam

In Ankara, a project spanning 2,800 square meters encompassing 58 units of 2+1 apartments, 11 units of 1+1 apartments, and 7 commercial spaces was initiated in January 2018 and successfully completed by February 2019

Herasus Plaza

In Ankara, a project consisting of 18 commercial spaces on a 4,000 square meter area commenced in October 2017 and was completed by July 2018

Gökdemir Life

In Ankara, a project spanning 3,000 square meters featuring 43 units of 4+1 apartments, 47 units of 3+1 apartments, and 17 commercial spaces commenced in March 2016 and was successfully completed by December 2017.

Gökdemir Modern

Project featuring 32 units of 4+1 apartments in Ankara.

Gökdemir Tower

Project comprising 104 units of 2+1 apartments and 12 commercial spaces in Ankara.